About Stitched Blooms

Stitched Blooms celebrates my love of flowers. All kinds of flowers. Unfortunately, I am not very good at keeping real flowers alive, so I embroider them instead.

I love embroidery. I only really discovered it in 2005 but once I started... there was no going back! I hope you will find something in Stitched Blooms that will inspire you to stitch and keep stitchin'. Embroidery really is such a relaxing, timeless thing to do.

The 300 motifs in Stitched Blooms are as diverse as any you'd find in nature - ranging from sketches from nature to minimalist, almost flower symbols. Some are big, some are small. They can be combined in any way you like, for all kinds of projects. And altered ad infinitum: change the colours, the size, the stitches etc etc. Stitched Blooms is like a garden where you can pick the flowers you want at any given time and add to your project.

Some of the projects are very simple to make, requiring just a few materials and a bit of stitching time. Others require a bit more both in time and materials. But all the projects can be made by anyone. You don't have to be an experienced embroiderer or sewer here!

The 20 projects in Stitched Blooms include embellishments of store bought items, an appliqued quilt, a cute horse softie and lots more! One of my favourite projects is the blouse. It sums up very well how I like to use embroidery: combine different motifs to make something new. And in this case I used it on a blouse my mother made, which makes it even more special. But you don't have to make a blouse to get a similar look!

Embroidered blouse from Stitched Blooms


  1. Hi Carina. I just had to tell you how much I love your book! I was sent a copy from the publisher to do a review and giveaway which I'm posting tomorrow. Good luck with the book!

    1. Thank you very much, Justine! I'm so pleased you enjoy the book. :-)